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This is a (far from complete) list, in alphabetical order, of people and organisations who have made a contribution to the ZHLT tools over the years. Thanks go out in particular to Zoner, Merl, XP-Cagey & amckern, the maintainers of the compile tools, and to Valve Software, for creating Half-Life.

Individual contributions

This is a short list of individuals which have contributed to the development of these compile tools.

A W!seM4n Onc3 Sa!d

Suggestion for the maximum number of brushes increase in the p5 build.

Adam "Who? Me?" Foster

For work on sky diffuse in MHLT 1.5 and miscellaneous contributions to hlrad.


Fixed Mixed Face Contents error bug when using NULL with water textures in MHLT 1.5.1.


Subdivision code in HLCSG in the ZHLT 3.0 Beta 2 build.

amckern (website)

Maintaining the ZHLT 3 series.


Fixed issue of last wadpath ignorance when using mapfile wadpath's in MHLT 1.5.2.

Antony Suter

For the -full vis patch merged in ZHLT 2.4 and significant speed improvements for VIS merged in ZHLT 2.3.


Miscellaneous contributions.

Carsten Fuchs

Pointing out a simplification with the cliptype algorithm in the p13 build.


Added the env_sky fix for Spirit of Half-Life in the ZHLT 3.4 64-bit beta.


Suggestion for support for the hintskip texture (since removed) included in the ZHLT 3.1 build .


Idea for partial hack for env_sprites to cast shadows in the ZHLT 3.0 Beta 1 build.


Wrote optimisation faster vis code for the ZHLT 3.0 Beta 1 build.


See: Jussi 'hullu' Kivilinna.

Wrote the documents for the in p14 build, merging all previous documents into one integrated set. Maintaining the documentation for ZHLT 3 series.

Jussi 'hullu' Kivilinna

For work on custom entity shadows added in MHLT 1.7 and improved in the p13 build, fix for for wad.cfg on *nix systems included in MHLT 1.6 and miscellaneous minor contributions.

Karl 'XP-Cagey' Patrick

Continued from Merl's work, keeping his "p-series" going as the only major update to the compile tools, which form the base of this tool set. The list of changes made by XP-Cagey is here.

Laurie Cheers

For work on switchable texture based lighting in MHLT 1.7.


Miscellaneous contributions.


Miscellaneous contributions.


Fixed issue of all null textured brush mysteriously disappearing in MHLT 1.6.1 and miscellaneous contributions.


See: Tony 'Merl' Moore.


See: Ryan 'Nem' Gregg


Added support for older hullfile format used in HL SDK 2.2 in the p9 build.


See: Ian 'Reve' Macfarlane.

Ryan 'Nem' Gregg

Faster RAD code and updated Ripent in ZHLT 3 beta 4.

Sean 'Zoner' Cavanaugh

Started the custom compile tool creation by modifying (with permission) the original Valve compile tools, and maintained it through many revisions, making them become the only compile tools worth using. The 'Z' in ZHLT stands for "Zoner's". The list of changes made by Zoner is here.

Skyler 'Zipster' York

For work on Maximum Visability Distance included in MHLT 1.6 and miscellaneous advice.

Tim Smith

Help with getting the 'missing' file in ZHLT 1.1.

Tony 'Merl' Moore

Picked up where Zoner left off, Merl's tools added extra functionality and became the official compile tools for Half-Life. The list of changes made by Merl is here.


Helping find the bug that delayed the release of ZHLT 3.0 final for six months.


Help with misc bug fixed in ZHLT 3.3.


Suggestion for the BEVEL texture included in the p5 build.


See: Karl 'XP-Cagey' Patrick.


Suggestion for the zhlt_noclip entity included in the p5 build.


See: Skyler 'Zipster' York.


See: Sean 'Zoner' Cavanaugh.

Companies and organizations

This is a short list of companies, teams and organizations which have contributed to the development of these compile tools.

id Software

Much of the original code for the Valve Half-Life compile tools comes from id Software.

Unknown Worlds

Makers of the game Natural Selection. For hosting and promoting the thread discussing XP-Cagey's updated versions of these compile tools, and for miscellaneous contributions.

Valve Software

For creating Half-Life.

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